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This is more than a job. This is our lifestyle.

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What we do

Enjoyment of a yacht depends on the crew.

We ensure well-trained, professional crew work work together to provide the ultimate in service. We manage the ultimate in service. We manage contracts and employment structures and advise on payroll and salary guidelines. We offer training and certification advice.

Full operational management

From safety and security to finances and accounting, Blue Oceans manages all elements of operational support for your yacht, so you can relax with the peace of mind that your asset is in the best hands. We offer fast technical support when needed. we ensure the crew and captain work smoothly together. we manage all logistical and administrational aspects of a yacht’s operation.

Bespoke safety management systems appropriate to the yacht’s size and operation, pioneered by Blue Oceans Yacht, are installed throughout our managed fleet. We work with commercially or privately registered vessels from 20m – 150m. In emergency response team is mobilized, ready to respond to any situations, from first response to flag state liaison to media control.

Operations, logistics & Administration

Accruals accounting with annual budgeting. Monthly reporting. Offshore payroll solutions. Banking arrangements. Blue Oceans Yachts, a pre-loaded payment cards provide a safe, compliant alternative to currency. 7 technical our comprehensive technical support service provides a structured framework for a continuously well maintained yacht. From structural, mechanical and engineering items to AV/IT, scheduled maintenance and repair programmes, every technical element is controlled. Experienced refit management teams handle shipyard liaison, budgets and worklists, minimising cost and downtime.

Berth bookings. Assistance with provisioning, bunkering and local suppliers. Insurance quotes, claims and renewals. Mail forwarding and contract administration, mobile phones. Access to 24/7 travel support. Fully flexible seaman fares and preferential rates with major airlines. Account bookings make travel planning east for Blue Oceans Yacht crews.

Why Blue Oceans

250 years of operational experience on and around yachts

Always developing our service to adapt to a changing world. Regulations. Yacht design. Technology. Clients’ needs. As yachting develops, so does Blue Oceans making sure we stay one step ahead.

Our management systems draw on our first-hand knowledge. With decades of experience running the largest private yachts in the world as captains and crew, we know yachts. Everything we do is built on this first-hand knowledge and our understanding that yacht management depends on a successful and respectful collaboration with the team onboard. Each day we strive to develop and improve the service we offer owners, captains and crew, to improve every yachting experience.

Full Compliance

Our safety and s programme are fully compliant with every major flag state. Aiming for more than regulatory compliance, we create a culture of safety and responsibility onboard. The Blue Oceans emergency response team is trained quarterly in live drills.

A team approach

Each yacht under management has its own dedicated yacht manager, technical manager, operations manager, accounts manager and administrator. Close-knit operational cells for each yacht have a constantly up to date, in-depth knowledge of every yacht and owner.