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An unexplored paradise

Indonesia’s thousands of islands (between 17,000 and 20,000) are a beguiling mix, intriguing, thrilling and worlds away from regular life. From the luxury spas of Bali to the rugged lands of the Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia remains a little-explored paradise.

Laidback Lombok offers a vastly different experience. Its highest mountain, Rinjani, is cloaked in thick forest, and is sacred to many islanders’ animist faith. Not to be missed are the dive sites around the tiny offshore isles of Gili Trewangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Here, vast shoals of fish gather in shallow water. The coral is more colourful than the local spice market. The Nusa Tenggara Islands is a seldom-visited Archipelago teeming with exotic cultures and strange creatures. See sperm whales, blue whales and the Komodo Dragon.


Enchanting cultures. Extraordinary diving.

The area south of Phuket and all the way down to Langkawi, Malaysia, is scattered with countless beautiful islands all offering picture perfect white sand beaches, crystal clear water and stunning coral reefs. Many are magnificent limestone structures, housing hidden caves and caverns to be explored. Diving is excellent everywhere.

There is very little wind in Thailand – the seas are constantly calm, an ideal cruising ground for the less intrepid. Once away from the popular northern islands you are totally removed from the tourist track, in little frequented waters.

Around Krabi, countless beaches remain undiscovered and unnamed. Many are only accessible by windsurf, kayak or swimming. Koh Phi Phi Don is the stuff of postcards. The largest island in the Phi Phi Archipelago, it’s a tricolour Thai fantasy of whit sand, emerald water and cobalt sky. 


An oasis of green and blue

Numbering over 7,000, and each offering a unique possibility, the islands of the Philippines are inherently wild yet undoubtedly beautiful. An intriguing mix of incandescent volcanoes and iridescent underwater worlds await a Philippines luxury yacht charter.

The Jurassic completion of this Archipelago coupled with an endearing sense of culture provides the perfect framework for your yacht charter in the Philippines. If you dream of scaling Mt. Mantalingajan in Palawan, walking the pearl white shorelines of Cebu Island or getting up close and personal with whale sharks in Tubbataha reef, then the Philippines should be top of your wish list.

Explore thick emerald forests. Claim a private island for a day. Dive below the surface and come face-to-face with some of the planet’s rarest creatures. Whether you prefer the wonders of green or blue, a luxury yacht charter in the Philippines with family or friends guarantees an unforgettable experience.


A land of colour

Exotic and compelling, Vietnam is a Land of Captivating Culture and arresting natural beauty, a place where the vivacity of modern life hums against the tranquility of a bygone time. Its veritable collection of landscapes range from the rich burgundy of the Red River Delta in the north to the dizzying greens of the rice fields in the south, with everything from silky sand beaches, azure blue lagoons and emerald peaks in between.

Unforgettable experiences on a Vietnam yacht charter are easy to come by here. From motorbiking switchback after switchback up the jaw-dropping Hai Van Pass in central Vietnam to kitesurfing the tropical oceanic waters off Mui Ne or hiking the evergreen hills around Bac Ha or Sapa, there is plenty to get the adrenaline pumping. There is plenty to slow things down again too: gaze over a surreal seascape of limestone islands as you kayak through Ha Long Bay, or enjoy a traditional Vietnamese massage at the Ninh Van Bay Spa, a sublime sanctuary in the hilltops that is reached by stepping stones.

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Exotic worlds. Remote islands. Warm blue-green waters.

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Exotic worlds. Remote islands. Warm blue-green waters.

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